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by Forrest & Fire

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This project came as a result of collaboration between best friends Nathan and Kevin long after their musical genesis. In high school, they were in a band called Flamingo Fetus. This band was an eclectic rock band influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Various Funk, Phish, Various Jam Bands and Pantera. There was an innocence to this band and they created rules free Rock and Roll. Kevin later joined Red Umbrella, a more contemporary formulaic band. He remained with this band. Nathan continued down a path of fewer rules and experimentation. Nathan held some judgement against Kevin for leaning towards conventional songwriting and Kevin was bothered by Nathan's path. It took a 12 year break for the two to come back together and find common ground. On a 3 day layover from Nepal in the UK, Nathan visited Kevin and Kevin apologized for being musically distant and suggested that he would meet Nathan in the middle. He would help reign Nathan in to stick to a groove, tempo, and a key and Nathan would encourage Kevin to dive into foreign rhythms, textures, and experimentation and stretch Kevin's notion of song lengths. When Kevin, let go of the ropes a little and agreed to meet in the middle of each's writing tendencies, magic was born. It marked the beginning of the duo, Forrest and Fire. Kevin's last name Swartwood means dweller near the black forest and Forrest means "woodsman". Nathan is obsessed with the colours of fire and autumn leaves. The name of the project suggests music metaphorically crafted like a woodsman and refined by fire and is a play on words from Forest Fire. Forest Fire was the name of a popular song from Kevin's band Red Umbrella. The project name encompasses all that. Enjoy the electronically nuanced and rhythmically and sonically charged productions from Kevin and Nathan. This project took some time to complete as the two live on the other sides of the ocean. Each song was written during the few times when the two could get to manage together starting in August 2012, and culminating in November 2014. Four songs were written together in the same room, while Digital Kev and The Rev Brass Band was the first written after Kevin emailed a track to Nathan to have his dad Charlie Record 4 notes over. Nathan couldn't be bothered to record just four notes. He had Charlie improv 10 takes and decided to pan them all in a 180 degree spread and add value to the song from there. The one surprise track on the album with beautiful results. Enjoy and thanks for listening.


released December 25, 2014

Songs written by Nathan McKay and Kevin Swartwood using Logic, GarageBand, and Ableton Live 9. Recorded in Shaftesbury, United Kingdom and Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Library of My Soul features Andrew Bailey on Snare Drum, and Aaron Turford on Guitar and Vocals. Trumpet on Digital Kev & The Rev Brass Band by Charles Swartwood. Artwork by Joshua Swartwood. Photo by Jeff Arnold.



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Nathan McKay Stratford, Ontario

Nathan McKay is from Stratford ON Canada. He is an eclectic artist musician that considers himself more of a Sound Painter and Improviser. He loves beauty in dissonance. He loves playing out of time signatures and keys as it can be limiting. He takes you on a journey around the world through various genres he fancies and loves to play. When he's not recording, he is usually promoting other artists ... more

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